Maintaining onsite safety and productivity is a combination of several factors, working together to keep personnel safe and productive at all times. From our mobile QAQC – QCycle facility to our onsite dispatch system SiteCourier, our TeQ Shield™ System that tracks and monitors workers to our experienced Safety leaders, who ensure that all required HSE protocols are followed, United Safety ensures that all onsite workers stay safe and productive onsite.

United Safety’s QA/QC process, called QCycle™

Mobile QAQC – QCycle™

United Safety’s QA/QC process, called QCycle™ can greatly reduce the amount of equipment…


Onsite dispatch system – SiteCourier™

The SiteCourier™ dispatch system is an innovative way to deliver safety resources during a turnaround or shutdown;

Onsite Financial Administrator

Onsite Financial Administrator

The Onsite Financial Administrator contributes to these key results:

Safety Watch

Safety Watch

Our Safety Watch personnel are trained to understand the implications and importance of their job. 



Equipped with ample storage compartments for the tools, consumables, safety equipment or any other job specific gear that would be required for the immediate task at hand.

Sophia, an integrated risk management software


One of the key challenges of turnaround management is dealing with the time-consuming task of permitting. That’s is why United Safety developed Sophia

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Pre and Post Turnaround Services

Proper planning and training before a turnaround or shutdown ensures a smooth process during the event itself. The Needs Assessment will ensure a clear understanding of the job scope and client expectations of a project and has been proven to reduce unplanned costs. Proper training and onboarding of contractors prior to the turnaround ensures smooth permitting and reduces delays and bottlenecks when the turnaround begins.

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