While United Safety provides several products and services designed specifically to handle the heightened safety requirements of a turnaround and shutdown, it also provides numerous solutions that support safety and enhance productivity of facilities for longer durations during regular operations.

Maximize productivity and tool time

Through a combination of services, United Safety maximizes productivity and safety of onsite workers while reducing lost tool time.

An In-Plant Service Centre is a United Safety ‘store’ that’s set up onsite at the facility. Workers have continuous access to safety tools whenever they need them and can return them when they are done with it. In combination with QCycle™, an onsite tool maintenance facility which cleans, disinfects and prepares the returned equipment for re-use, the number of safety tools used and in circulation is greatly reduced. Since the Service Centre is onsite, safety tools are easily and readily available and productivity is enhanced as there is no ‘waiting time’.

Cost reduction through efficient tool tracking

It is common for safety tools to go missing if not properly tracked resulting in an increase in costs for facilities. With United Safety’s GAMS system, all tools are scanned and tracked from the time they are sent out till the time they are returned, making it easier to track tools and reduce costs.

Tracker to track worker whereabouts

From badge-in to badge-out, workers can be tracked within the zones that are being monitored. This ensures that they stay in the work areas resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.

Digital gas detection

From perimeter monitoring to personal gas badges, United Safety has a host of gas detection products and services aimed at keeping workers and surrounding communities safe.

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