Fire Shield™ – Detect, Alert, Extinguish

For over 30 years, United Safety has built a reputation for keeping people who work in hazardous environments safe. We now extend that same commitment to a new, comprehensive range of fire protection products and services. Introducing the Fire Shield™ range.

Fire Shield™ is a unique range of products, technology, processes and services coming together to protect your personnel from fire hazards at the workplace. From inspection to testing, maintenance to service, our experienced personnel will ensure that all your fire protection requirements have been met.

Fire Shield™ MobEx Trailer

Cut your service time in half with the Fire Shield™ MobEx Trailer.

Cut your service time in half with the Fire Shield™ MobEx Trailer.

Why bring your fire extinguishers to our service centers when we can bring our service center to you? The Fire Shield™ MobEx Trailer lets you do just that. A fully equipped mobile service center, we ensure that all your fire-related equipment can be serviced on your site, by our technicians in just half the time.

Fire Shield™ Fire Extinguishers

Fire Shield™ Fire Extinguishers

Ensure confidence in your first line of defense.

These compact and basic fire extinguishers that are ideal for offices, small shops and commercial spaces are generally used to control or extinguish small fires in emergency situations.

Our fire extinguisher services consist of:
  • Monthly and annual inspections
  • Six-year internal servicing
  • 12-year hydro-testing

Fire Shield™ Fixed Fire Suppression System

Fire Shield™ Fixed Suppression System

Fight fire with power.

The Fire Shield™ Fixed Fire Suppression System is a fire extinguishing system connected to piping and powerful suppression agents like Novec 1230, FM-200, Carbon Dioxide, inert gases and other clean agents that can put down a fire in a room within 5-6 seconds.

These systems are normally used in refineries and recommended for use in heavy industry.

Key components and service include:
  • Annual and Semi-Annual system testing
  • Carbon Dioxide extinguisher systems
  • Clean Agent extinguisher systems
  • 6 yr. internal inspections on cylinders
  • 12 yr. Hydrostatic Testing on cylinders
  • System installation, modifications, and repairs
  • Full-scale system assessment to ensure adequate protection
  • Design/Engineer new systems and add-ons

Fire Shield™ Water and Foam-based Systems

Fire Shield™ Water and Foam-based Systems

Put the fire out. Right.

Commonly found in both refineries and commercial set ups, water and foam-based system are a popular choice.

We provide a comprehensive range of services including:
  • Sprinkler annual inspection
  • Fire line monthly inspections and annual maintenance
  • Annual foam chamber inspections
  • Annual foam sample testing
  • Annual fire pump testing
  • Deluge systems quarterly inspections and maintenance
  • Underground piping repair
  • System installation, modifications and repairs
  • Full scale needs assessment to ensure adequate protection
  • Design and engineering of new system add-ons

Fire Shield™ Fire Alarm System

Fire Shield™ Fire Alarm System

Notification is the first step to evacuation.

Detect and warn your personnel loud and clearly in the event of a fire. Available for both commercial and industrial set ups, we ensure that our fire alarm systems come with a complete service package that take care of everything needed.

Our services include:
  • Annual and semi-annual testing
  • System troubleshooting and callouts
  • System installation, modification and repairs
  • Design and engineering of new system add-ons

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