Whether upstream or downstream, digitalization is making its mark through increased productivity, worker efficiency and improved connectivity. In all environments, United Safety works to resolve safety challenges through digital innovations and RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) technologies that reduce delays and improve tracking, monitoring and communication with personnel.

TeQ Shield™ Guardian – Confined Space Monitoring Technology TeQ Shield™ Hub TeQ Shield™ Tracker - The Real Time Location System TeQ Shield™ Aware TeQ Shield™ Impact Safety Productivity Cost reduction

TeQ Shield™ Guardian

Keep close watch on your people and processes. TeQ Shield™ Guardian combines gas detection, video cameras, two-way communication and access control to create an effective solution for confined space monitoring.

TeQ Shield™ Hub

TeQ Shield™ Hub is the central point of onsite distribution in any facility or refinery. When a worker needs a safety tool or breathing air, he simply uses his badge to scan the safety tools he needs and returns them when he’s done. This results in an automated, cost effective, efficient and reliable tool tracking and inventory management system.

Teq Shield™ Tracker

The Real Time Location System (RTLS) ensures that you can accurately track man hours, improve safety, limit access to sensitive equipment and areas, and improve worker productivity.

TeQ Shield™ Aware

TeQ Shield™ Aware is a system designed to raise awareness and aid timely decision-making to prevent potential safety incidents from occurring. It is a system of inter-related computing devices and objects working together to relay information with one objective- raising awareness of potential safety incidents to keep the connected worker safe.

TeQ Shield™ Impact

TeQ Shield™ Impact is a suite of services whose main objective is to deliver maximum impact to the business by enabling more informed decision-making for current and future projects based on past learnings and experiences. It is about using data to learn from the past, improve the present and plan for the future. This ensures improved productivity and performance, less delays, better planning and enhanced safety especially during turnarounds, shutdowns and outages.

United Safety has used its vast experience in safety to launch TeQ Shield™, an integrated suite of safety services that includes electronic confined space monitoring, remote equipment automation, real time location services, safety Internet of Things devices, cloud based safety services, productivity applications, edge technology for productivity improvements, digital permits, data analytics, drone technology, digital enhancements to improve human/machine interface and expand to the future with augmented reality, virtual reality and digital inspections. This results in improved productivity through enhanced visibility, informed decision making using real time data and lower costs in a safer environment.

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