Safety Foundation Services

In addition to services provided by the four main domains, we provide support services that can be added on to any of our key services. These services act as ‘enablers’ and can be used across the board in combination with all our key functions.

Safety Foundation Services

1. Project Management and Implementation: This foundation element uses a proven project management methodology with extensive emphasis on communications through both our stewardship reports and client web portals.

Services provided include:

  • Overall project management services
  • Specific implementation oversight and coordination

2. Training and Knowledge Transfer: Operations safety and integrity can only be achieved when personnel believe in and act in accordance with a company’s system. This requires meticulous screening, selection and placement of the right candidates in the right roles, as well as proper training to perform and meet expected job requirements, and then constantly ensuring that they undergo regular assessments.

Services provided include:

  • Organization development
  • Expert skills augmentation
  • Delivery execution partnering (pairing United Safety resources with your staff to deliver results)
  • Operating competency tools
  • Learning and development programs

3. Management of Change: Changes in operations, procedures, facilities or organizations must be evaluated and managed to ensure that Operations Integity is not compromised at any time and that risks and gaps arising from such changes are effectively managed.

Services provided included:

  • Communications Strategy and Implementation
  • Change Management Program and Assessments
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