Our Approach

Operational Excellence is the critical driver for success and is everyone’s responsibility. Together, we integrate operationally excellent processes, standards and behaviors to daily operations.

With the vision of Operational Excellence in mind, OSIMS™ follows a systematic approach for projects identified as the SAFEPATH PROCESS®. It encompasses Project Planning, Kickoff Workshop, Gap Assessment, Improvement Planning, and Implementation, providing customers with clarity and control on projects.

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Outline, detail and align the objectives to the satisfaction of the customer.


Ensure that all customers (internal and external) are aware of the plan and have clear understanding of the objectives.


This is where the team ‘hits the ground’ to execute the project and work towards the customer objectives.


Review and summarize the steps of the project and determine what was effective and what could have been improved. With this in mind, the Planning phase can begin again.

Project Planning

Project areas are discussed with appropriate stakeholders to ensure that there is alignment of objectives, that contract details are understood, that resources are available and engaged, that the project schedule is determined and suitable and the project deliverables are clearly identified

Kick off Workshop

This meeting (virtual or in person) is to outline the project Quality Plan. The Quality Plan acts as a detailed reference guide for customers as to how the project will unfold. Including contact information, resources and outlines for reports, invoicing details and requirements, deciding Key Performance Indicators for the project very clear.

Gap Assessment

This process can be done at a corporate level, site level or both. The can include review of existing documentation or the entire Safety Management Systems. Analyzing documentation and data from both levels allows OSIMS™ to determine the root causes of the Gaps. Gaps are assessed through document review, interviews (both on-site and also with pre visit questionnaires) and observations. The data collected is analyzed by Subject Matter Experts and evaluated through a weighted scoring system. Customers are kept appraised of all findings through written documentation and also through presentation(s) of findings. Any imminent dangers will be reported immediately to site management by OSIMS™ Subject Matter Experts.

Improvement Planning

In this phase the Subject Matter Experts conduct a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis (SWOT) of the data. Priorities are determined and integrated into the short, medium and long term goals for Operational Excellence. The Improvement Plan is reviewed with the customer to determine the requirements for the implementation.


In the final phase of the project OSIMS™ Subject Matter Experts support the customer with implementation of the agreed improvements. This can include on site Safety Technician Services (STS), training of key personnel with systems, processes or software. OSIMS™ Subject Matter Experts will conclude with a final presentation of the project findings.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OE) consists on the application of principles, systems, and tools toward the ongoing improvement of an organization. OE allows oil and gas leaders to manage their assets safely, reliably, sustainably, and cost effectively. It creates value through systematic and repeatable actions that become incorporated into the corporate culture and determine ‘the way things are done’ within the organization.

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