Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Consultative Needs Assessment

The United Safety Difference

At the heart of a needs assessment is a full understanding of a producers EH&S program, the nature of the drilling program, and the mix of contractors that will be arriving on site. We work closely with producers and their contractors both prior to and during the drilling program to build confidence and trust through identifying all the opportunities where United Safety can help them be successful.

Continuity of Learning

The Needs Assessment saves our customers from re-learning efficiencies that were noted during past drilling programs. If this is our first drilling program with a customer, the Needs Assessment is our opportunity to share best practices developed from United Safety’s 27 years of experience delivering H2S safety services.

United Safety’s real goal during a Needs Assessment is becoming a fellow committed stakeholder in the future success of the program. The deliverable our customers benefit from the most is a clear understanding from both parties of the role United Safety plays in a successful outcome.

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