What are some of the key challenges that can be addressed using drones in Oil & Gas?

A crucial concern within the industry is the increase of costs resulting from delays, productivity issues and cost overruns.

Factors contributing to these include safety issues, emergency response planning, plant re-start structural or functional problems, inaccessibility to static assets due to size or structure, entry into hazardous areas without knowing it is hazardous, and maintaining compliance with OSHA and ANSI requirements.

All these factors can be effectively handled with drones.

Can you give us some examples of how drones can be used in Oil & Gas?

There are numerous applications for drones in Oil and Gas.

An example is using drones for flare stack integrity inspection. Any degradation in structural integrity can give rise to downtime and exposure to fatal injuries. Going beyond visual inspections, drones provide a cost-efficient solution to gather optical imaging of flare stacks and thermal imaging of flare tips in evaluating stack integrity, along with reducing personnel risk exposure by replacing rope access work.

In other examples, drones with gas detection monitors can be sent into hazardous areas to clear workspaces as safe, and drones can conduct pipeline right-of-way inspections without utilizing personnel or ATVs.

Drones detect the integrity of static assets better than an airplane or helicopter and do not require a crane or scissor lift rental.

They can perform efficiency scans of assets to determine uniform operability, in addition to scanning for damaged insulation which is the pre-cursor to corrosion.

Why United Safety? What are the benefits of using United Safety over another drone service provider?

We have been trusted safety partners with over 30 years of experience in turnaround executions ensuring that we have a clear understanding of the safety protocols that are in place for Oil and Gas clients.

Our partnership with Aerostar, an experienced Oil & Gas engineering company, allows for effective data interpretation for accurate and expedited decision making.

High quality reports are produced within 2 to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the scan.

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