Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

The main objective of a Needs Assessment is to understand the job scope and client expectations of a project. The Needs Assessment is a process used to review the work with key plant management stakeholders prior to all turnarounds.

At the heart of a Needs Assessment is the capture of a full understanding of the mix of contractors that will be arriving on site, and their work schedule. We work closely with contractors both prior to and during the turnaround to build confidence and trust by identifying all the opportunities where United Safety can help them be successful and ensure turnaround safety.

Continuity of Learning
The Needs Assessment saves our customers from re-learning efficiencies that were noted during past turnarounds, often years before. If this is our first turnaround with a customer, the Needs Assessment is our opportunity to share best practices developed from the over 789 turnarounds United Safety has participated in over the last 29 years.

Unplanned Work
While our systems and processes are designed to maximize our efficiency in the delivery of safety resources for planned tasks during the turnaround, the Needs Assessment also proactively identifies areas that are likely to generate unplanned work. This enables us to craft readiness plans that let us effect change quickly, before unplanned work becomes an issue or a source for delay and extra cost.

The Needs Assessment delivers a custom fit plan that is seamlessly integrated into our customers’ existing turnaround plan. This integration assists our customers in meeting safety goals by identifying peak load requirements for equipment and personnel, ensuring that necessary resources are in place for each stage of the turnaround plan.

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