TeQ Shield™

Digital solutions for faster, safer turnarounds

In todays’ challenging economic climate, maintenance shutdowns or turnarounds demand innovations that help maximize productivity and reduce cost. Using TeQ Shield™ solutions, we help you gain project control and visibility in all phases of your plant turnaround. United Safety’s integrated suite of safety services combines gas detection, video cameras, two-way communication, access control, permitting, quality control and assurance and monitoring of core body vitals to improve safety while reducing costs.

TeQ Shield™ Guardian Keep close watch on your people and processes. TeQ Shield™ Guardian combines gas detection, video cameras, two-way communication and access control to create an effective solution for confined space monitoring.
TeQ Shield™ Bio TeQ Shield™ Bio lets you monitor your personnel’s heart rate, breathing rate and core body temperature to give you real-time updates on the health of your workforce.
TeQ Shield™ Therma Heat stroke is fatal. TeQ Shield™ Therma is an innovative and comprehensive cooling system that reduces heat stress and increases worker time on tools.

The TeQ Shield™ family current encompasses:

Confined Space Monitoring System – TeQ Shield™ Guardian
TeQ Shield™ GAMS
TeQ Shield™ Bio
TeQ Shield™ Therma

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