Gas Monitoring and Detection

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Everyday across all industries, our customers are faced with the challenges of protecting their people, neighbors, assets and the environment. Critical components in Oil and Gas safety, for instance – H2S safety, can be addressed with United Safety’s innovative problem solving team and products. Whether the obstacle is distance, community protection and awareness, sensor configuration, communication or advance warning, we have demonstrated our ability to design and implement a solution that is both flexible and comprehensive.

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Plume Tracker™

Vendor Partnerships

It is absolutely vital that gas monitoring and detection devices meet the highest standards of quality and maintenance. To ensure this, United Safety has large inventories of standardized equipment maintained in ‘like-new’ condition. Competent technicians are available to operate the equipment and our inventory management system ensures that all sensors are within their shelf life and properly calibrated. In short, we’ll ensure that you have the right equipment in the right condition at the right place at the right time.

Personal Gas Detection

United Safety has an extensive rental inventory of personal gas detection devices. With our wide range of products and solid supplier relationship, we can help select a detector that will suit your application and budget.

  • Gas Badge
  • Multigas Monitor
  • Sample Pump
  • Multigas Monitor with Pump
  • Bump Test Kit
  • Hand Aspirated Vapor Monitor

Area/Perimeter Monitoring

United Safety stays on top of the latest technology and products to bring you the best that the industry has to offer. Long term supplier relationships and our in-house technical expertise, will help ensure you have the right equipment backed by the expert field support you require.

We also offer an extensive range of other safety equipment. For more information, please contact us.

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