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Air Qube™ - breathing air solutions

Innovative, versatile, capable and compact, the Air Qube™ is one of United Safety’s latest breathing air solutions. The Air Qube™ is a high pressure air storage system. Big on capacity but small in footprint, it fits in any spot and can be stacked, making it ideal in situations where space is premium like refineries.

The cylinders are also shorter than the regular ones but still store the same volume of air, further reducing the size of the Air Qube™ while giving it 20% more air than a typical mini tube trailer in the US.

There are two sizes available depending on your air volume requirements. Air Qube™ has a capacity of 68,000 cu-ft of compressed breathing air, weighs less than 14,000lbs and measures 10’x8’x10’H. Air Qube™ Mini comes with 34,000 cu-ft of compressed breathing air, weighs 6,945lbs and measures 8’ x 6‘ x 8’H.

Applications: Upstream and downstream industrial, large air usage, limited space, long duration tasks

Air-Qube™ Technical Specification Technical Specification Air-Qube™ Mini Technical Specification Technical Specification Document Document

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