Breathing Air Systems

Proprietary to United Safety

At United Safety, we know there are many challenges our customers face to effectively and efficiently deliver safe breathing air to the workforce. Even when problems may be similar in nature, such as the need for H2S safety, the solution often requires a custom fit approach. It is through this consultation, our ongoing research and development and experience that we are able to create solutions that are not available anywhere else. These are our most popular breathing equipment innovations.

H2S safety equipment

Vendor Partnerships

United Safety has developed very strong relationships with our suppliers founded on our commitment to maintaining and managing their products to the highest of standards, cooperative problem solving and product improvement consultation. It is this strong foundation that has enabled United Safety to become a top tier customer with excellent support for our extensive worldwide inventory. Our suppliers know that their products will be represented well when deployed to our customers.

We also offer an extensive range of other safety equipment.

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