Industrial Solutions
For over 29 years United Safety has continually innovated our processes and systems with the aim of solving Oil and Gas safety problems and delivering a service that exceeds customer expectations. Not only do we prevent safety from becoming a bottleneck, with our Processes and Systems innovations, we make safety an efficiency driver.


Site Leadership
Safety Watch
Onsite Financial Controller
Safety Advisor
Emergency Response Technician
Project Managers
General Foreman
Safety Technician (HSE)


Needs Assessment–Consultative needs assessment
QCycle™ – Onsite QA/QC process
SiteCourier™ – Onsite dispatch system
Project Billing – Real time billing reporting
Stewardship Report™ – Post project review
Onboarding Orientations and Site Access


Breathing Air Systems
Gas Monitoring and Detection
TeQ Shield™
Support Equipment

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Breathing Air Systems
Gas Monitoring Systems 
Rescue Equipment 
Communications Equipment

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