Social Responsibility


Saudi Cancer Foundation Feb 2015

Our joint venture in Saudi Arabia, Rawabi United Safety Services, also contributes to the Saudi Cancer Foundation, an organization established to raise awareness about cancer, its causes and methods of treatment and prevention, as well as to provide moral support and education for cancer patients and their relatives through a network of volunteers, doctors and specialists in this area.  

The United Safety Canada Day parade float Feb 2015

The Airdrie office participates in the two Airdrie parades, the Canada Day parade and the Santa Parade, in an effort to raise community awareness on safety.  

The Holiday Train event Feb 2015

In 2012, the Holiday Train came through Airdrie (on a very, very cold day!). This is a program run by Canadian Pacific Railways in conjunction with food banks across the country.  

Airdrie Food Bank Feb 2015

In our head office in Airdrie, we fund a number of programs and the local food bank is top of our list.  

Students in the Malembo Orphanage Feb 2015

On April 2, 2002 we visited the Malembo Orphanage in Cabinda to build a bridge between our institutions. For us, the goal was to find motivated and knowledgeable young men and women ready to join our ranks.  

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