Press Releases in April 2014


The Challenges of Confined Space Apr 2014

The Challenges of Confined Space United Safety is currently featured in HSE Now, the HSE online news from SPE. Our article discusses the complexity and challenges of confined space entry and rescue.

Accidents occur because of unmanaged potential hazards, such as fire or explosion, elevated temperatures, gas, fumes, vapor or lack of oxygen and others. Safe work practices must be developed, and previously conducted risk assessments may dictate what precautions are necessary. If emergencies occur despite these safety measures, the window for reaction is very limited.

Confined-space rescues are challenging because of the environments themselves. The spaces can be narrow and constricting, often hindering access by rescuers. If a well-defined rescue plan is not in place, rescue will consist of an emotional reaction to an urgent situation, which often leads to poor results.  

Gearing up to protect the UAE’s sour gas workers Apr 2014

Gearing up to protect the UAE’s sour gas workersUnited Safety is featured in the last issue of Oil & Gas Middle East. Elie Daher (EVP United Safety) and Mike Gilbert (VP Middle East United Safety) discuss the complexity of the Oil and Gas industry in the UAE. For instance, high H2S concentration in UAE’s fields such as Shah and Bab pose major challenges to companies extracting and refining gas in the region. One such challenge is how to ensure safety of personnel and adjacent communities. Gilbert and Daher believe that technology plays a key role in tackling the complex challenges of the region.  

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