United Safety unveils latest Air Qruise™ innovations

Doha, Qatar – United Safety announces the launch of its newest family of innovations – The Air Qruise™. The launch will take place at the IPTC on January 20, 2014 at the Qatar National Convention Center.

The Air Qruise™ is a proprietary Breathing Air Management System that can be incorporated into a range of vehicles that enable the users to work, travel and transit safely through toxic environments.

Today, in both industrial and upstream facilities, there are a range of solutions available to ensure the safety of personnel in the event of a toxic gas release. There is a gap however, in ensuring that personnel stay safe while in transit. This is the gap that the Air Qruise™ is designed to close and in the near future, we expect it to become the norm for every company that takes its employees’ safety and evacuation needs seriously.” says Dr. Elie Daher, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for United Safety.

Three new innovations to the Air Qruise™ family are being introduced at the IPTC: The Air Qruise™ Trooper, Air Qruise™ Rover and the Air Qruise™ Solo.

The Air Qruise™ Trooper comprises of a comprehensive package that includes a proprietary Breathing Air Management System, external and internal gas detection systems, an alarm unit, an intelligent Q-tab touch screen that displays all vital readings and air masks housed in rapid deployment kits.

Most of the world’s largest sour-gas fields are located in the Middle East, with development of these resources already launched in Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and in the UAE. United Safety expects that the Air Qruise™ Trooper will encourage the development of a new industry standard for the safe operation of sour gas fields.

The company will also unveil the Air Qruise™ Rover, a concept vehicle that is driven by air and designed to operate safely and reliably in Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) environments.

The Rover is equipped with the latest in environmental monitoring to track a multitude of sensor inputs, including wind speed, wind direction, GPS location, toxic gas levels, full color images, vehicle health and operator biometrics. Information is reported through one of many redundant links to offsite facilities where it can be monitored and analyzed.

The third new innovation is the Air Qruise™ Solo, a compact Single Personal Transport Vehicle also equipped with the Air Qruise™ technology. The Solo allows personnel to work in constricted areas and other challenging environments due to its maneuverable and slim design.

All three Air Qruise™ products have the capacity to move personnel out of the site quickly and safely in the event of a toxic gas leak with the added security of breathing air supply; making them the next generation emergency egress vehicle.

In addition, United Safety will launch a revolutionary community protection system called Quazar™ that supports a wide variety of telecommunication topologies ensuring that the best communication method can be selected for a trouble-free link between site and base station. The Quazar™ reduces response time to help customers safeguard their assets and the community before, during and after any event.

For more information on the launches, please attend our Press Conference at the IPTC on 21 January at 10:00 am or visit us at Booth E55.

United Safety